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Sharjah Documentation participates in Who has Taught by the Pen initiative

Sharjah 24

Sharjah Foundation for Social Empowerment continued its visits to those wishing to contribute to the “Who has Taught by the Pen” project launched by the Foundation to support educating the orphans affiliated with the Foundation as part of efforts to support the education of more than 1,700 orphans. In this context, the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority hosted a “Who has Taught by the Pen” team at its premises to document the initiative of its employees in the project as part of a series of academic and knowledge projects and services that contribute to the sustainability of their educational right in life. The Authority paid tribute to all outstanding initiatives and projects of the Foundation and affirmed its continued support and efforts to ensure the success of various community initiatives that benefit the orphans and provide all means of life for its children. The Authority commended the influential cooperation between the Authority and the Foundation, through the outstanding response of the Authority’s staff to participate in the project. The Authority’s participation in the project is a reflection of the joint cooperation between the Authority and the Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation, and in conjunction with the “Year of Zayed”, to consolidate the culture of benevolence and giving existing in the UAE.