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Islamic Manuscripts House sterilizes 5000 journals and periodicals for SDAA

Sharjah 24

The department of sterilization and restoration of manuscripts at the Al Qasimia University in Sharjah has been able to sterilize five thousand periodicals, magazines and newspapers in addition to a collection of old stamps at Sharjah Documents and Archives Authority, SDAA, photographs and documents dating back more than 100 years through a specialized team with accumulated experience in maintenance and sterilization.Sterilization was done using a sterilization device for manuscripts, documents, books and periodicals, rare and old, which rely on the use of ozone gas, which completely eliminates the microorganisms and insects that feed on leaf fibers, and continued sterilization for nearly two months. Dr. Rashad Salem, Director of Al Qasimiyah University confirmed that the House of Islamic Manuscripts House owns the events of sterilization devices in addition to the restoration laboratory follows the latest technical means used in the sterilization and restoration of manuscripts, documents, periodicals and rare books, and includes many competencies and cadres specialized in this area.