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Organizational Chart

Archives and Documents Department

This department in concerned with collecting historical and contemporary documents in addition to other resources of information from governmental entities in Sharjah and from regional and international archives, in order to verify, store, and organize these documents. Furthermore, to build databases which will become raw material for research that will serve all sectors. This aims at preserving the creative and humanitarian production to advance the educational and practical standards of the Center. It also aims at creating a clear documentation methodology, which complies with the standards that depend on paper and electronic archiving systems in order to ease the research and recovery processes.

Studies and Knowledge Services:

This department is responsible for conducting studies and research on the history of the United Arab Emirates in general and Sharjah specifically. In addition to translating books and research for publication, activating the role of educational research, and building databases that will benefit decision-makers and researchers. It is also concerned with the enhancement of the role of cultural cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience with regional and international organization and educational institutions concerned with research work.