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The Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority, earlier the Sharjah Centre for Documentation and Research, was established by resolution no. (4) of 2010, issued by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad AL Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council, the Ruler of Sharjah “May Allah protect him”. The goals of the center were set to collecting documents that present a sound material to the history of the emirate in particular, and the history of the state through all the ages, in general. The Centre preserves and archives those documents, and facilitates their study and have them published, and thus spread the cultural and historical awareness, as well as avail that material to researchers, who are wishing to utilize the informative material acquired by the Center. In 2016, H.H. Ruler of Sharjah, “May Allah protect him”, issued resolution no. (4) of 2016, on the establishment and organization of the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority. The objectives of the Authority were set to collecting and preserving documents related to the emirate, from whatever source, and thus enable beneficiaries to have access to those documents, as well as the development of documentation and archive system in the emirate. Furthermore, the Authority shall oversee the management of the current documents, and mediate documents, with the concerned parties. The Authority represents the local body concerned with all matters of documents and archiving, and it abides by the best international standards for preserving and maintaining the documents and archiving them. The Authority is working to spread and strengthen cultural and historical awareness, and encourage the scientific researches and intellectual and artistic creativity, while it contributes to the progress of human civilization and the elevation of its mission.